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 [FF] Omega

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PostSubject: [FF] Omega   [FF] Omega EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 2:53 pm



July 20, 2520, 1200 hours

He was nervous. ONI had ordered him and 75 other men to kidnap one child each. He had found a

child around the age of nine wandering the streets, and was waiting for the perfect moment to take him. He felt

guilty. This boy would never experience a normal life outside of the SPARTAN-II project. He would be augmented,

issued an armor size, and sent out for war against the rebels. Without thinking, the man dampened a towel with

chloroform and put it over the boys mouth. The boy, assessing the sudden danger, grabbed the man's wrist, found

the pressure point, and broke free. The man, suprised at the strength of this boy retreated, then analyzing the

towel, realized the boy breathed some of the chloroform in. He wouldn't be very fast, and his vision would blur soon.

Motor activity would be impaired, momentarily, then he would pass out. The man waited for this chain of events to

occur. The boy, vision blurring, pulse elevating, realized we was poisoned, and let out a desperate cry. Not of help,

but of attack. The man dodged punch after punch as this boy slowed. He should be out by now the man thought to

himself. The boy's lack of vision made it harder and harder for him to find the man in the black trench coat. The boy

finally gave in to the sudden tiredness gnawing at his mind. He collapsed.

With a gasp, Paul-129 awoke from his sleep. For a moment, he didn't know where he was. Then he

remembered. C'mon, Paul, you've been here for five years, nothings goin' to change he thought to himself. He was at

the SPARTAN-II training compound in Eposz, Reach. The augmentation was in three hours. If he survived

augmentation, he would be assigned a set of MJOLNIR Mk IV armor. The squad he was assigned to, OMEGA, was one

of the best. They had made entire militia groups disappear. He had wondered how he made it into one of the best

SPARTAN-II squads. He decided it was because of his CQC and piloting excellence. He had passed the piloting test

multiple times to prove his point, and kicked half the SPARTAN-II's asses that were being trained with him. He could

hit a target from 5 km away with an SRS99 Sniper Rifle. He pushed this thought aside and started fiddling with his

dogtags. Paul looked up and around his room. Two bunk beds, gray walls, four footlockers at the foot of each bed,

one dresser. The other three bunks were filled. This was the fourth room he was transferred to, and he didn't know

anybody in the room. Not that he cared to know anybody. He figured they would be killed or confined to a wheelchair

after augmentation. Suddenly, all the possibilities rushed through his mind. Death, paralysis, nervous system failure,

permanent blindness, deafness, success then rapid muscle deteriation, bones could become as fragile as frozen

glass, the thoughts went on and on. His mind went blank, and he started thinking about the life he had before this.

As his mind drifted to this time of bliss, he drifted into sleep.

He awoke to the intercoms blaring, "All SPARTANs, report to the augmentation rooms."

Paul sat upright in his bed, stood up, got dressed, then went down to the augmentation rooms. All

other SPARTAN-II's were waiting for their augmentation. He recognized at least three, but couldn't place their

names. After 30 seconds of nostalgia, mostly about his old family, he looked at one of the SPARTANs he recognized,

and almost immediatly remembered; His name has Devin-098, he excelled in sniping, tactics, and hand to hand

combat. He glanced at one of the other ones; Chandler-261, explosive expert, designated a support gunner. The last

one was Derrick-022, another explosives and demolitions expert, tactician, sniper, gunner, and a pilot. An ONI

official came up to him and broke his train of thought. "Paul-129?" he said.

"Right this way, please. Your room number is F-9."

"Got it."

He found his way down the corridors to room F-9. He walked in and another ONI official asked for

his serial number like he was a broken item and needed the serial number for the warranty. 12921053098. He did as

the official said and laid down on the augmentation table. Tubes were hooked up to Paul's legs and abdominal

muscles. A small computer chip was inserted into the computer at which the ONI official worked. His popped up on a

moniter on the wall. Paul, S-129, SPARTAN-II. Overhead, machines begun to whir. What looked like drills attached to

robotic arms with needletips came down and began to stab into him and injected the augmentation. His vision

blurred and his thoughts were fuzzy, but his mind flashed back to when he was nine, poisoned by a cloth doused in

chloroform. He started seeing doubles, as though he were crosssing his eyes. Then he blacked out.

Chapter 1

Eposz, Reach

Jan. 5, 2525, 0500 hours

Devin-098 sat upright on the augmentation table. He felt somewhat stronger, more muscular, as though

he had done months of excercise in the hours he was unconcious. He glanced up at the display moniter on the wall

to his right, the words AUGMENTATION COMPLETE flashing under his name. As Devin got off of the table, black spots

appeared in his eyes. He balanced himself and looked for the ONI official. Must've gone on lunch break he thought to

himself. He walked out of the room, looking up and down the corridoor. No ONI officials, no people for that matter.

The eerie silence of the hallway made Devin cautious. The possibility rebels attacked the ONI facility seemed

unlikely, and, even if they did, they had 76 augmented SPARTAN-II's to deal with. He quickly corrected himself. Some

of the SPARTANs were no doubt dead or disabled from the augmentation. ONI must be caring those unlucky

SPARTANs. Another door hissed open. Devin stepped back into the augmentation room. Another SPARTAN-II, Paul-

129, stood in the doorway, looking around the empty hallway, as confused as Devin. Paul walked up the hallway,

right of his room, and turned left, out of Devin's line of sight. He followed Paul, being sure to stay quiet, as to not

alert him. Paul walked to the office in which Dr. Halsey did her work. Before opening the door, he put his ear to it,

listening rather intently, as to be sure someone was in there. He opened the door and walked in. Devin saw Dr.

Halsey and five ONI officials talking about something when Paul walked in. Devin stood up from his hiding spot

behind the wall, and walked down to the mess hall to find ONI officials and about 26 SPARTAN-II's sitting at the gray

tables, eating with grim looks on their faces. 28 surviving SPARTAN-II's. 28 out of 76. Devin, realizing this great loss,

went to his gray-walled room to sleep. Before he could go, an ONI official walked up to him. "Devin-098?"

"Okay, glad you survived augmentation. Dr. Halsey wants to see you in her office."

Devin walked down to Halseys office, to find Paul-129, Derrick-022, and Chandler-261 were standing

around her desk. Halsey was waiting, probably for Devin. She stood up and began to speak. "Good morning, I see

that the augmentation was a success."

"If you call the deaths of 50 SPARTANs a success." Derrick spoke up.

"Yes, well, not everyone can survive the conditions of the augmentation."

Paul looked somewhat more grim than all of the other SPARTAN-II's. He looked as though something was

haunting him, yet he did not yet know what that was. Dr. Halsey was explaining something about a rebel outpost on

Harvest, that Omega Squad would be sent to take it out in one month, after they were outfitted a set of MJOLNIR

Mk. IV armor. Chandler stood patiently, waiting for Halsey to finish her lecture on the effects of the augmentation

and the strength of the Mk. IV armor. Derrick looked as though he was going to kill something. Or someone. Devin

took an awkward step away from Derrick. Interrupting Halsey's lecture, the door slid open. Alyssa-264 stepped into

the room. Dr. Halsey cursed under her breath about Alyssa interrupting the lecture and of how much she could ruin

the future mission, but finished the lecture nonetheless. She dismissed them all and they went back to they grey-

walled rooms in which they were confined to for the next eight hours.

Chapter 2

Eposz, Reach

Jan. 26, 2525 1600 hours

After days of training, ONI believed it was time to assign armors to Paul, Chandler, Alyssa, Devin, and

Derrick. After they were suited up, they meet the rest of Omega squad. Paul wondered how much more powerful they

would all be with the MJOLNIR Mk. IV armor. He estimated that they could probably flip a Scorpian tank. The

intercom blared "Omega Squad, report to Hangar 6, Omega Squad, report to Hangar 6."

Finally, Paul thought to himself. He stood out of the metal chair in the corner of his room, walked out

the door, and headed for Hangar 6, in which, he assumed, they be assigned armors. He found the rest of his team

waiting for him, along with a fully armored SPARTAN, whom he thought was the other member of their team. "So glad

you can join us, 129." Dr. Halsey said, sarcastically.

She explained how they would be assigned armors, based on their skill, strategy in the field, and how

they carried out that strategy. For the excersise, they would be split into two seperate teams, Alpha and Bravo.

Paul, Derrick, and Chandler would be Alpha, Alyssa, Devin, and the other SPARTAN, Gerard-063 would be Bravo. The

MA5B rifles on the gun racks were loaded with rubber bullets, so no one would be killed. Bravo had the advantage,

and were to defend an abandond building from Alpha, whose objective was to take control of the same building.

Each team was to have a squad leader, rifleman, and support gunner. Paul and Gerard were elected squad leaders,

Devin and Chandler were rifleman, and Derrick and Alyssa were support gunners. Two Pelicans were prepped in the

hangar bay, one per team, ready for take off by the time the two teams were suited up in the standard issue Mk. IV.

Paul had a Data Pad strapped to his wrist, loaded with armor specs, weapon specs, tactical maps of the battlefield,

and his teams status. He studied each of the maps of the building and the surrounding area. Little to no cover, one

entrance to the building, and where Bravo would most likely concentrate fire. Alpha had two flash grenades each,

enough to stun Bravo for just enough time to breach and clear. They would be in seperate rooms, so Alpha would

have to move fast to neutralize Bravo. Gerard might see this coming, but Alyssa and Devin wouldn't.

The Pelican landed out of range of Bravo, so they couldn't be taken out before they were ready. Paul

scanned the area. The tactical map left out a few boulders the the east, close to the building. Paul pondered a few

ideas in his head before deciding what to do to take control of the building. "Alpha, form up on me. Chandler, try to

take Devin out before he takes us out, Derrick, focus on suppressing Gerard and Alyssa. I'll move up to those

boulders, Chandler, follow me, then cover Bravo so Derrick can cross. Clear?" Chandler and Derrick nodded, "Good,

Alpha, move!"

It wasn't long before the bullets were flying, Chandler took out Devin as soon as he got a shot, then

Chandler was taken down by Gerard. Derrick performed his role quite well, and Bravo was supressed long enough for

Paul to flash them, then move in and take them out. The final time for this excersise was two minutes, thirty

seconds, a new record. Dr. Halsey and another SPARTAN-II congratulated them when they entered Hangar 9. The

other SPARTAN was Andres-312, the other member of Omega. Dr. Halsey was filling out applications for new Mk. IV

suits for Paul, Devin, Derrick, Alyssa, and Chandler. Once the suits arrived, they would be sent to Harvest to take out

a rebel base there.

Re: [FF] Omega
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if anyone reads these (doubt it) heres chapter 3.

Chapter 3

Febuary 5, 2525 1200 hours

Eposz, Reach

"Omega, your op is on hold until contact with Harvest is reestablished." Dr. Halsey was saying.

"What do you mean by that? What happened to Harvest?" Andres asked.

"Contact with Harvest was lost as of 350 hours, and the navigational beacons are offline, your ship would be lost for

an indefinate amount of time."

"I thought we had Spartan training facility's on Harvest."

"They were discontinued last month, and all the Spartans were reassigned to Aszod."

"How convienent."

"Yes, well, we have our reasons."

"Probably not very good ones."

"Excuse me?"

"Your excused."

Andres and Halsey went on like this for thiry minutes more, before Halsey finally told them all to

leave. They went to a computer room, where Paul hacked into a terminal and intercepted all transmissions to ONI

from the UNSC. One was entitled Harvest Contact. It read as follows:

Dr. Halsey:

We are concerned with the decision to remove Spartans from the planet known as Harvest, and even more

concerned with the fact contact with said planet was lost only a single month after this decision.

UNSC Admiral Lord Terrance Hood.

"How interesting, that a UNSC Admiral would send this letter personally, instead of a secretary do it.

He referred to 'we' in the letter, I assume 'we' is the rest of the UNSC Admirals, Vice Admirals, and other high-

ranking personnel." Paul implied.

As soon as he was done saying that, ONI security personnel smashed through the door and

apprehended Omega, with no difficulty, because they knew ONI can't risk killing or hurting them. They were sent to

the grey-walled rooms in which they had been imprisoned from the past six years.

Chapter 4

April 30, 2525

800 hours

As tired as Paul was from running several training ops in a row, he could not sleep. UNSC had lost

contact with the scout ship Argo, and they were on full alert. His squad was put on stand-by, and the SPARTAN-II

program was accelerated, resulting in up to ten training operations a day. Admiral Preston Cole was preparing a

battle group to investigate Harvest, and should arrive at the planet in a few more weeks. He hoped they would not

place the hope for Harvest on Omega squad, since five of the seven members didn't even have any combat

experience, aside from the training. Paul rubbed the scar on his upper forearm on his right arm, and remembered the

day he got it. Ten years ago, on his home planet of Algolis, he had been living on the streets for three years already.

It was in the middle of June or July, he couldn't completely remember, but he had gotten into a fight with some

muscular guy off the street for making fun of Paul's hair. Naturally, Paul retaliated to these insults, attacking him

with punches, kicks, knees, and chokeholds, being countered frequently by the stronger man.

After about thirty minutes of fighting, the man retrieved a pocket knife from his front right pocket.

Paul dodged as much as he could, but was sliced along the arm, from his elbow to wrist, the knife dug into his skin.

Paul hopped back from his opponent, staring at his arm in disbelief. He had seen blood, of course, but not his own.
His door opened and he snapped back to the present. Andres was standing in the doorway, in full battle armor.

"Wake up , Halsey wants us to run three more ops before midnight."

"Three? Before midnight?"

"Yeah, two demolitian ops, one scouting."


"And, Halsey wants us to run the first demo op with Spartan team Delta."



Paul got suited up and followed Andres to Hangar 9. Halsey, Omega, and a group of Spartans that Paul

assumed were Delta, was waiting for him. Devin commented on how Paul was 'always late for this crap.'

"Omega, Delta, you are going to run a Demolition op in Aszod. Omega, Delta is used to the terrain in Aszod, and

Delta, Omega Team has great tacticians. You are to destroy an active rebel base. Within one hour." Halsey briefed.

"One hour? Thats ridiculous!" One of the Spartans from Delta spoke up.

"Not hardly, 659. Noble can run one of these in 30 minutes, so I believe one hour is plenty of time."

"Call me Riz, or Rizwan, NOT 659. I don't know if you've noticed, Halsey, but we don't like being called by our


"I'm with Riz on this one." Another one said.

The other Spartans of Delta followed in suit, agreeing with Rizwan-659. Soon, Omega joined in as well.

Chapter 5

960 hours

April 30, 2525

Omega is now on this site.
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Nice to see you added yours here dude!

I look forward to new chapters.

I will add my various works soon...

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Cool story
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[FF] Omega
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