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 A story of mild humor.

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PostSubject: A story of mild humor.   Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:54 pm

Wanted to share a story with you guys. Decided to jump into a quick game with some randoms before going to play Homeworld 2 or Super Metroid. Land in game with all recruits, and 1, dare I say, lieutenant on the other team. First impression. Recruits still exist, and furthermore, play? Never mind that. Only guy on my team that has a mic, sounds as if hes 12, at best. Worried that other team may be 2nd account guys or dude on friends account, tell my teamate to build something good. Builds grunts. Tell him that "I may not be good, but, grunts, seriously? Build, i dont know, banshees".

His reply? "Dude, I play a lot of skirmish" (ok, I do too sometimes) "As the brute guy, I beat skirmish on legendary lots of times".

Suspect --> confused ---> lol! (My face progression from this statement).

I am by no means good, but I was dumb struck by that statement, and laughed a solid 10 minutes.

*I then proceeded to slaughter entire other team of 3 with 3 spartan tanks. Only lost 1 tank because was surprised by a few random gremlins.*

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PostSubject: Re: A story of mild humor.   Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:20 am

TaiidanOnslaught wrote:

Suspect --> confused ---> lol! (My face progression from this statement).

The same my friend, same....

Dude this whole thing made me lol so hard!
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A story of mild humor.
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